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Founded as “The Bagel house,” Vesna Taverna became “Bagelhouse and More” when Yannick and Vesna bought it back in 2008. Though the term “Bagelhouse” is gone now, Vesna continues to offer fresh, authentic homemade bagels every morning alongside their rich, delicious breakfasts.

Vesna’s opens early (around 9:00 a.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. weekends, though often earlier in high season) for breakfast and stays open until 10:00 p.m. on the nights when dinner is served. See our Opening Hours.

Breakfast includes all your favorites cooked just like mama did, generous portions served piping hot.

You can easily start your day healthy: let Sally, our day manager, blend the best green juices, wheatgrass shots, goji berries, or whatever other made-to-order juices you'd like into delicious early-day boosters. Include banana, cucumber, olive oil -- the possible combinations are almost endless.

At Vesna, breakfast can also be our delicious homemade Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, granola, and honey. Or choose our very popular steak and eggs, eggs Benedict, plus ham or salmon with homemade potato.

Not to be missed is our amazing piña colada French toast with fresh fruit!

By the way, if you see some folks grabbing a burger on a bagel at breakfast, don’t be surprised; it happens often. We also have fantastic home fries but if you want French fries instead, no problem. Our sole objective is to make you happy you came to Vesna’s!

Lunch offers a good selection of sandwiches, fresh, delicious salads, and more. Dine at your leisure and take advantage of our free WiFi if you like, while you’re dining. We offer box lunches, too – and even meals for you to take to the airport for good dining there, before you go home. We’ll pack up whatever you like!

We offer lunch specials every day -- and our soup of the day is prepared fresh in-house every single day. Specials -- in addition to our sizeable regular menu -- can include Quinoa salads, Fritatas, Falafel wraps with hummus, gazpacho with feta and -- well, fact is the choices here never really end!

Dinner is a huge treat: (dinner is now served every night except Sunday). Beyond our big standard dinner menu, every Friday we fly in the freshest mussels and salmon fillets from Nova Scotia and tenderly aged “cowboy steak” from an amazing custom butcher in New York. Saturday is always Greek night, with lots of homemade Greek specialties in addition to our complete regular menu. Greek food you see on our menu is available every day for lunch and dinner, but our big Greek cooking event is every Saturday. Click Greek Night to learn more.

For dinnertime thirsts, ask for our very different cocktails and martinis made with fruits and vegetables -- it sounds crazy but you will absolutely love it from your very first taste.

Desserts are all homemade and incredible (and that is an understatement. Just look in our Photo Gallery.) Desserts change nightly and there are at least three every night. Save room for these incredible desserts!


Friday Night Salmon, Steaks, and Mussels are worth mentioning twice because they’re so good and in such great demand. Come in soon and see what we mean – trust us, and our thousands of customers, you will not be disappointed.

Greek Night is something of a feast. we call it our Saturday Greek Yaya Metze -- Yaya means grandma and we call it Yaya Metze because it tastes exactly how your Greek "Yaya" would cook it.
You will love our completely homemade, authentic Eggplant Moussaka, Pasticio, Stuffed Red Peppers, your choice of Kebabs -- lamb, chicken, beef, and pork, Greek salad, hummus, zucchini, black olives, and of course our genuine, delicious, homemade feta corn Yaya bread. There's also dolmades, tzatziki, and spanakopita -- if that's not enough, ask for more.

Smoothies anytime are made with the freshest fruit and ice (no added sugar) and are flat out amazing, the best on the island. See all the details here.


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